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October 26, 2023 2 min read

More about Teri:

In preparation for her double mastectomy, Teri ­researched and joined communities that provided insight into the most common struggles after surgery. With this information, she diligently designed and increased her Pilates practice, focusing on specific exercises that helped her gain core, chest, shoulder, and arm strength. Feeling stronger and more confident with each session, she felt ready to undergo surgery and tackle the challenges it might present.  Pilates provided her with a sense of control over her body and her life during a time when she felt anything but in control.

Post-surgery, Teri used Pilates not only to regain her strength but also to foster emotional healing. Pilates, with its gentle yet effective movements, allowed her to gradually rebuild her physical self. Moreover, it provided an avenue for emotional release and recovery.

But her journey did not end with her recovery; it was just the beginning. Fueled by her passion for Pilates and her desire to help others on similar journeys, she decided to share her expertise. At a time when many breast cancer groups had postponed meetings in public, she offered her Pilates studio to women seeking an in-person setting for group meetings. She then created the Pilates in Pink coaching program, an in-person or virtual opportunity for women seeking more personalized help in their recovery.

Realizing that accessibility was key to helping more people discover the healing potential of Pilates Teri introduced the concept of Pilates subscription boxes. These boxes brought the Pilates experience, including props and accessories that support women-owned businesses right to the doorsteps of Pilates enthusiasts. 

A My Pilates Box subscription offers an array of benefits that extend beyond the convenience of home workouts.


 Today, Teri is not just a Pilates instructor but also a beacon of hope for many. Her journey from a breast cancer survivor to a Pilates advocate has inspired countless individuals facing their own battles. Through her studio, coaching, and subscription boxes, she continues to empower people with the power of Pilates.

It is estimated that almost 300,000 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2023. Teri's Pilates journey reminds us that, even in the face of adversity, we can find strength, healing, and purpose.

It is our hope that in sharing Teri’s story we can provide some hope and support for those fighting this terrible disease.

Visit her site Pilates1st and read more about Teri's journey this month.


Watch Eve Gentry a breast dancer and breast cancer survivor speak about Pilates on You Tube:



Archival Joesph Pilates footage.




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