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May 28, 2020


No matter what struggle life hands you, we have a choice — to remain trapped by tragedy or to moveTHRU"

About Emily:  She’s a fitness professional, mother of two, and widow as of March 2019, when her husband passed away from Uveal Melanoma ( a rare cancer the effects approximately 2000 people annually). As Emily started to rebuild her life as a single-mom and head-of-household, she found herself overwhelmed by grief and paralyzed by the reality of her new normal. Leaning on her movement background as a former ballerina and current spin and barre instructor, she turned to fitness to cope with her grief. While verbalizing her feelings wasn’t always easy for Emily, she was able to manage her emotions by moving her body. So, in December 2019, she founded moveTHRU

About moveTHRU : Created to help young adults who’ve experienced the loss of someone special in their lives cope with grief through exercise. It’s a grief support group, but instead of talking about grief, participants move through it! Emily strives to connect anyone who is grieving, provide them with a safe & supportive space to experience their emotions, and empower them to move forward from loss! Learn more about moveTHRU on Emily’s website or on Instagram / Facebook - @letsmovethru. 

Emily has also found that sharing her story to help others move forward from tragedy has helped give meaning and purpose to her husband’s loss. You can follow her grief journey on Instagram / Facebook  - @emilypbingham. 

Watch for her live Grace and Gratitude Workout on the MRF Face book page.

Friday 5/29 10:00 am EST/7:00 PST

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