May 10, 2020


“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.” Abraham Maslow

Change has defined my life since 2011 the year I was diagnosed with advanced melanoma. I didn’t find my cancer by noticing a changing mole, the only sign was a palpable lymph node in my armpit, 

 At first, change meant inconvenience, fear, inconsistency, anxiety, and losing who I was and wanted to be to cancer. Since my diagnosis, I have had many surgeries and a long year of Interferon but as the list of cancers and survivorship issues grew so did I. The ability to change is in all of us. I ask you to embrace it, whether it’s smiling at someone who seems to be having a bad day, giving yourself permission to feel upset at what life dealt you or sharing your experience, journey, story -  whatever you want to label it - to give a piece of hope to someone who needs it.

Change can happen with every kind gesture we make, no matter how big or small.

My working as an Advocacy Officer with the MRF has given me a new definition of change. Now, change means to overcome, to advocate, to make better, to rally and stand up for others and work every day to try to leave this world a little better than I found it.

Thank you to Great Soles and the melanoma advocates out there for taking the time and taking a chance to share your voice and talent to work to overcome the disparities in melanoma and to create positive change for themselves, their loved ones and the millions of Americans who are and will be impacted by melanoma.

As a melanoma thriver, I say thank you!

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