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May 12, 2017 2 min read

I feel very honored and proud to say that I've been teaching this beautiful method for almost 20 years.

Many new teachers will come to me and ask how do I do it? How do I teach 40 hours a week and not burn out? Doesn't your body get tired? Don't you get sick of teaching the same exercises over and over? I think what keeps me going is I truly love the Pilates method and I love teaching.

Each client is so different so it never feels repetitive. I try not to demonstrate the exercises to my clients so that my body doesn't wear down and always keep my energy cup full as a teacher. We give so much to our clients each and every day so we have to make sure we are of sound mind and body to be able to teach and inspire others!

Here are my tips for having a long, prosperous, rewarding Pilates career.

1. Take time to yourself - Go for a long walk in the middle of a long day. Get a massage or manicure to reward yourself for a long week. When you are working a long shift make sure you take 5 min break between each client to reset and recharge your batteries.

2. Take sessions, classes and continuing education workshops with other Pilates instructors -What made you become a Pilates teacher was being a Pilates student. Always be a student and try to learn from others as much as you can!

3. Try other forms of fitness - Pilates is great and it is by far my favorite way to move, but I also think it is important to keep yourself knowledgeable about other fitness fads in the industry and cross train your body. My typical weekly routine is Pilates 3X, Yoga 1-2X and Barre 1-2X. I don't do cardio (I probably should) but I run after my kids in the park and I walk between 20,000-30,000 steps per day! Once a month a make a point of trying something new, something totally different. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, but it keeps me current with what is happening in the fitness world.

4. Be good to your body! - Aside from working out, you have to eat well, sleep well, drink lots of water, etc. I always keep small snacks with me (nuts, bars, fruit, yogurt, etc.) so that my energy doesn't crash during my shift. I also make sure I always have my reusable water bottle with me and sip often!


Carrie Campbell lives in Jersey City, NJ and is a mother of two beautiful children, Grace and Charles. Carrie gives all the credit to Pilates for both of her healthy and happy pregnancies as well as helping her bounce back to her pre-pregnant body soon after giving birth. Carrie teaches Pilates, and not the watered down version that you see at most gyms is POSITIVELY PILATES. She maintains the belief that the rewards of practicing Pilates stretch far beyond body aesthetics. Pilates will give you a better body, but also so much more!

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