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August 11, 2020 2 min read

As promised Dr. Dawn Figlo a 20-year veteran in podiatry and foot surgery is sharing with us some of her favorite foot care basics. Through her brand The Organic Foot​ her goal is to provide her patients with a pathway to heal “from the foot up. ” Utilizing ancient and Eastern medicinal practices and new therapeutic natural measures to achieve holistic healing and preventative care by embracing the anatomical structure and function of the foot to achieve balance to the mind-body and spirit.

Here are some of her favorites:

 Epsom Salt foot soak​ - Simple but true, treating your feet to a warm Epsom salt soak will benefit you from toe to head! Epsom salt is a mineral compound, magnesium sulfate. It aids in soothing sore feet, decreasing pain, and inflammation. Add Tea Tree oil for fungal infections, add peppermint essential oil for a cooling, refreshing experience, and lavender for a stress reliever. Also great for splinter removal, ingrown toenails, and sprains, and tendonitis. Take a moment and destress with a foot bath, we all could use this simple treat!


 Pumice stone- Look for natural black lava. It helps to exfoliate dead skin, removes corns, callus, and cracked dry skin. Soak feet and stone first before using and stop if skin feels sensitive. It’s best to use in a circular motion to massage the foot and promotes circulation too!

 Tea Tree essential oil- The foot is at high risk for fungal infections due to its environment in shoes. Fungus loves darkness and moisture! Tea Tree (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oil will help protect the foot from a fungal infection. Apply one to two drops per foot daily to each foot. Don’t forget to add some to your shoes as well!

 Arch supports- Your arch is more critical than you may think! When musculature in the foot weakens, your arch can start to fall, which brings the foot out of alignment. The effects of this can be the cause of many pedal problems such as bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas. Keep that arch up, and your feet will thank you as well as your knees, hips, and back. Over-the-counter arch supports are an option, but for accurate realignment, custom orthotics are best.

​  Go barefoot or wear grip socks​. Your feet can move in three planes of motion when not in shoes. Shoes limit how much we use our foot muscles. When we are barefoot or in grip socks, we are engaging the muscles and tendons and strengthening them. Other beneficial exercises are toe raises and heel raises. Yoga and Pilates are excellent foot strengtheners and perfect to add your daily routine. Remember to always be on a safe surface when barefoot.

Stay tuned... more is yet to come!


leopard nonslip grip sock  Toe raises

 Toe Raises in Keira Leopard Grip Sock !




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