August 24, 2020

     Foot Care Basics from Dr. Figlo 
At Home Pedicure Tips
Coronavirus has put a cap on some self-indulgent activities but I encourage you not to skip your pedicure. For both physical and emotional self-care take to bring it home or even better, garden!
Here’s what I recommend: KEEP IT NATURAL! 🌿
Foot Soak: Soak those feet in warm water with a healing salt such as Epsom or Himalayan. Add essential oil for added health benefits. Tea tree for its anti-fungal properties, Peppermint to feel energized and Lavender for its relaxation properties.
Lava Stone: Soak a lava pumice stone and use it in a circular motion to rid those calluses. Natural luffa can massage and rid dead skin as well.
Trimming Nails: Cut nails straight across. It's ok to round the corners but avoid diving into the sides of the nail to prevent ingrown toenails. I recommend wooden manicure sticks to remove debris from under the nail folds. Remember to have a gentle touch.
DO NOT CUT YOUR CUTICLES. The cuticles keep the outside world out. They are a vital part of nail anatomy. Avoid getting toenail fungus and don't cut your cuticles. If you choose to push the cuticles back, be careful not to break the seal. 
Hot Stones: Want pure euphoria? Try hot stones in the arches.
Polish: Finish off with your favorite color using non-toxic polish. 

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