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January 14, 2021 1 min read

Why compression socks ?

Some notes from Dr.Dawn Figlo.

       As a 20 plus year veteran Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon who believes in empowering individuals with transformative natural solutions that focus on the foot. I prescribe compression socks often. Aside from making your legs feel less tired and energized, they can help control swelling, decrease pain, and improve circulation.

By adding compression/pressure to your socks you are aiding the movement of blood back to the heart and reducing fluid retention and while gently massaging your legs they lighten your load.

Predominately worn by people who have varicose veins they are now are used regularly for comfort and support by Athletes, pregnant women, and anyone who finds themselves standing or sitting for long periods of time. Foot and ankle injuries also respond well to compression therapy.


Why not compression socks?

While many people can benefit from wearing compression sock they are not for everyone. If you have poor circulation, diabetes or if you have fragile skin you should not use compression socks. 

Always consult your doctor before the use of compression socks 

Learn more about Dr.Figlo here.

For more information reference Healthline and Mayo Clinic links below:

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