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February 17, 2021 2 min read

More than wheels that carry us from place to place our feet always need extra attention.  For many of us, winter means cold feet and dry, cracked heels. Usually a slow time for self-care, down there! 

Try these tips to treat yourself and fight the winter blues!

  • Heat up! Feel “koselig”  (cozy) : Always good to keep your feet warm while lounging around or sitting at your desk. The warmth will increase circulation and keep you feeling cozy. Foot warmers can accomplish this. Keep it natural with microwaveable flax seed or rice.
  • Get Naked! Winter is an excellent time of the year to rid of the polish and let those toenails breathe. A home pedicure with Epsom salt or Himalayan salt and natural pumice will take down those callused, cracked heels and place you in a blissful euphoria.
  • Moisture up! Hydrate inside and out. Drink warm water with lemon for extra H2O. Natural hydrating creams can help those heel cracks (fissures), mostly if you cover them with socks before bed. My favorite hydrating salve is body butter by doTERRA. Smother your feet with lotion and slip on a pair of grip socks for non slip moisturizing.
  • Keep Dry and be comfortable:  Wet feet are more susceptible to cold damage such as frost bite and chilblains. Choose footwear that will keep your feet warm, dry, and are well-supported.  Always add arch supports if your boots do not  have a supportive arch and wide toe box. You can find comfort and fashion all in one. If they have a flat footbed, add your custom orthotic or over-the-counter arch support to prevent plantar fasciitis. Natural wool linings are best for warmth.
  • Warm Up! Keep your fitness regime going no matter how cold it gets. You don’t have leave your home you just have to get off your couch!
  • Exercise those toes ! Keep your feet healthy with yoga, Pilates, and barre and walking without shoes always good to wear non slip grip socks. Strong feet decrease your risk of foot problems and keep hips, knees, and backs smiling!

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