Pilates Socks

Socks for Pilates

Joe Pilates developed the foundation for Pilates over half a century ago. this new fitness practice would teach control and balance of the body, which would then spill over into a persons everyday life. We spent the last 7 years developing great soles specifically to access the deepest part of that balance and control. Whether on the reformer or mat, our socks help you push, grip, and deepen so that you can get the most out of your practice.

Functional and Fashionable Grip Socks

Over the past 7 years we honed our sock construction and styling to provide the ultimate in treaded performance and customer satisfaction. Our custom molded tread follows the shape of your foot - from heel to toe - to provide you right contact like bare feet. A supportive compression arch and never-slip strip on the heel provides that extra bit of stability.

Comfort at a Great Cost

Cotton blend socks make sure toes stay dry and comfortable for even your most demanding pilates class. We pay attention to details so you get the most for what you pay for.

Hygienic Way to Practice

Never let your bare feet touch that studio floor again! Slip right out of your shoes or sandals and right onto your reformer, megaformer, mat, or cadillac and never worry where you are stepping. Instructors - keep your feet clean and odor free with the protection of our pilates socks.

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