October Event Information

Thank you for taking part in the #GreatSolesGives national campaign. You are joining of network of fitness studios from coast to coast in creating an inspirational, action-packed wellness experience for your clientele. By hosting a studio full of women wearing the Rose Pink Ballet Sock shows the collective support you have for women who fought or are fighting breast cancer in your studio, community, and across the nation.

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OK, so now what?
  • Get loud about your participation! Share on your social media channels as well as in your studio about the date, times, and purpose of the event to get the largest amount of people involved. Use the hashtag #greatsolesgives and tag us @greatsoles so we can see and reshare your activity.
  • Share the information we provide with your participants so that they learn more about our campaign, get the most out of their new Great Soles, and know where to find more information.
  • Donate to the SASS foundation. We really want to make an impact this year to show the foundation our dedication to their efforts. Being a small organization with volunteer participants, every dollar truly makes a difference. Help us fund grants for groundbreaking research.