Great Soles Gives - 2014 Breast Cancer Campaign Recap

Over 30,000 stand strong in our Rose Pink Ballet

We helped organize and support Breast Cancer events featuring our beautiful new Ballet color - Rose Pink - during the month of October.

  • Over 150 studios across the nation made them available to raise funds for their local causes
  • We held events - like pinking out the Megaformers at SLT NYC - to raise awareness for clients
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We Spread Awareness in a Big Way

One mission of #GreatSolesGives is to spread awareness. With amazing industry events and the power of subscription boxes, we were able to get out there in a BIG way this year.

  • We were featured in FabFitFunVIP's Fall Challenge Breast Cancer Box
  • We got the word out at the Pilates Method Alliance 2014 conference, San Diego's One Love Movement Yoga Conference
  • Over 150 studios across the nation made them available to raise funds for their local causes

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We Supported Inspiring Fundraisers

Sometimes a group can do more than the individual. That is why we took part in Bright Pink's TWO FabFest Fundraisers and the "Power of Pink" event held by Komen Atlanta. We have seen how effective these organizations can be and we just want to provide them the horsepower to exceed their goals. 

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Gave Back the Best Way We Knew How

This year was our biggest contribution to date - both in greenbacks and product. Over $3,000 (and counting!) was donated to the SASS Foundation to help the innovative cancer research they support. We also donated our socks to those that could benefit from the stability most:

  • Cancer patients at St. Mary's Cancer Center (Reno)
  • Cancer survivors at City of Hope's Together4Hope event (San Diego)
  • Brave attendees of the Young Survival Coalition (San Diego)
  • Donna's volunteer organization supporting recovering (Los Angeles)
  • Donna's volunteer organization supporting recovering (Los Angeles)
  • Cancer patients at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital (New York)
  • [Dr Arena's practice] (New York)

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Thank You Again to Our Great Studios for Participating

What is #GreatSolesGives?

#GreatSolesGives is a national campaign joining a network of fitness studios from coast to coast in creating inspirational, action-packed wellness experiences for their clientele. Great Soles is helping to organize and support special Breast Cancer events that features our beautiful new color - Rose Pink - in our Ballet sock only for the month of October. 

Why did we develop a sock that unites fitness and breast cancer?

Physical practices like Pilates, barre, and yoga can be PROFOUNDLY healing – in body and spirit – for women fighting or recovering from Breast Cancer. Benefits include improving cancer related fatigue, weight management, reduce pain and nausea, improve range of motion and cardiovascular, function and muscular strength. That is why we developed a sock specifically to encourage these women 

It's also a symbol of collective support. The studio is where a woman wants to come and feel better about herself, especially after major setbacks like a mastectomy or chemotherapy. A studio full of peers wearing this Rose Pink Ballet in support of her and others in the community are fighting breast cancer. Just imagine the impact that could have.