Great Soles is a lifestyle brand providing you with comfortable and functional athletic wear to improve your daily practice.
Our treaded socks are popular with customers who practice pilates, yoga, barre, and anything requiring stability and grip.

Available in Men's Sizing
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Summer Brights Collection


$13.00 Split Toe Ballet Yoga Sock
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Crochet Knit Grip
$12.00 Crochet Knit Grip
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Pink Heather
$12.00 Ballet Grip Sock - Pink Heather
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Lace Ped
$12.00 Lace Ped
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Nylon Studio Clutch
$28.00 Nylon Studio Clutch
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Washed Denim Studio Clutch
$28.00 Washed Denim Studio Clutch
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Ombre Dyed Grip Sock - Marine
$12.00 Ombre Dyed Grip Sock - Marine
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